Agricola's Box

N 53° 21.818 E 006° 30.844 (WGS84)
UTM: 32U E 334588 N 5915603

In Netherlands
Hidden: 8/28/2002
Use waypoint: GC860D 
(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty:  ***  Terrain: **1/2    

The cache is hidden in North-Groningen, near the birth-place of Rudolf Agricola. This man was especially known as founder and representative of the biblical Humanism and he was born here in Baflo.

This area does not have many caches whilst the landscape and scenery are worthwhile to visit.

Besides the joy of finding a cache, this route is also meant to present a nice walk in a special area. This is one of the aspects of geocaching which gives me the most joy.


The main part of the walk will be on paved roads. The total length is about 8 kilometres and will guide you through the most beautiful spots of this area. Some of the points will have to be calculated, others will have to be gathered by means of ‘social engineering’.

Part of the route is the same as the ‘Groninger toal route’(Groninger language route, this part of Holland has a distinct dialect). This can be noticed by the green signs with poetry in the local dialect.

The cache was placed in August 2002 and has been visited by many people. In April 2005 the cache was vandalised and the logbook was stolen. In June 2005 I have placed another cache nearby.

When you have found it, please leave the spot and the cache in the same hidden state as you have found it.

You have to cross the railway once or twice. Please take special care because trains drive fast and hurt!

The starting coordinate is the centre of the village (by the way, the starting point can be reached by train very easy. It is less then a kilometre from the station). Here you can park your car near the supermarket and buy something for on the road (except on Sundays).
At the front side of the supermarket is a small red and a small blue sign.
Subtract 1 from the first digit of the top number and call it A. You will need this when determining the end-coordinate.
You cannot leave Baflo without seeing the statue of Rudolf Agricola. Find this in the village.
In his year of birth and the year of his death one digit appears more then others.
Substract 1 from this number and called it B. You will need this when determining the end-coordinate.
The people from the neighbouring village Rasquert went to the church in Baflo because they did not have a church of their own. They went there over the iron ‘Hoogholtje’ (yes, I know this is difficult to pronounce for foreigners J)
Find this spot, it is in a place which you would not visit normally. Near this spot is an old Reformed school. It was build in the year xCyz.
Use the digits form y and z to calculate the next coordinate:

N 53° 21.986 + yz (add to the last two digits)            
E 006° 30.956 + yz

De value of C is needed to determine the end-coordinate.
  At this point two beautiful houses can be seen. Left of the ‘van Inn en Kniphuizenlaan’ is the Meymaborg which has a beautiful English garden and an outstanding mourning tree (don’t know the exact English word for it).
On the right is a small palace where a retired professor lives.
The ‘van Inn en Kniphuizenlaan’ changes to a bicycle path after a number of meters. This number has to be added to the next coordinate:

N 53° 22.030 + meters
E 006° 30.917 + meters

The first digit of this number is called D and you will need it in the end.
  You are now standing at the entrance of one the most beautiful skate-rinks in Holland. In the centre of the rink is a hill and on it a house. That house was once the home of Rudolf Agricola. When the dwelling mound of Rasquert was dug up, the farm-house was left standing there. During the digging the overseer lived here.
The building you are standing next to has a stone set in the wall from a former pub in Baflo. In that time people did things on the street which we would not do now. There is a request in the picture. Count the characters and subtract 9 from this number. The number now left is called E and you will need it in the end.
There is also another stone set in the wall with a year. Use only the last two digits of the year and add it to the next coordinate to get your next destination:
N 53° 21.879 + year              
E 006° 31.391 + year
  Take some time to enjoy the view. Then count the number of holes in the left side of the bridge railing. This will give you a number of two digits (xy). Add these to the next coordinate to get your next destination:

N 53° 21.615 + xy
E 006° 33.161 + xy

y is also called F and you will use it in the end.
  Beautiful piece of scenery, don’t you agree? This road is part of my jogging on Sunday mornings and I enjoy it each time again.
On the building is a yellow EGD sign with x lines of black text. Fill in the x:
N 53° 21.5x7 
E 006° 33.155
  You are almost there. Count the number of poles which hold the bridge railing on each side. Divide this by 10 and use only the whole part. This number is called G.
To get to the location of the cache you have to fill in the found characters in the next coordinate:
N 53° AD.FAB           E 006° GA.ECA
Hint : ybbx pnershyyl nebhaq. K znexf gur fcbg.
  Although it is a quiet place, please insure that you are alone and not seen where getting and hiding the cache. Make sure it is properly hidden again. You don’t have to see it, to find it. And make sure no trash is left behind.  After hiding the stash you can follow the path which will take you to the village eventually. You will pass a beautiful cemetery. It is worthwhile a visit but please pay the proper respects!