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This page contains information about the project to realize a printed version of Cosmopolis. The project is finished.

Some time ago, some of the former volunteers of the VIE decided that it would be nice to have a bound version of Cosmopolis. After some discussion we decided to make it happen. The committee to make this happen now consists of Brian Gharst (who came up with the idea in the first place), Greg Hansen (one of the founders of Foreverness), Thomas Rydbeck, Paul Rhoads, Joel Anderson and Hans van der Veeke.

We are committed to preserving  VIE project history, an effort of 300 volunteers over 6 years. Just as the VIE volumes themselves, as opposed to the electronic archive, is the project’s major accomplishment towards preservation of the work of Jack Vance, so a printed and bound Cosmopolis set will be the best preservation of this history.  The VIE project has been an important event in many lives, and, in our view, is the greatest and most profoundly democratic honor ever given to a writer.

The bound Cosmopolis will be 3 folio volumes of about 500 pages each, bound in a manner not identical but in harmony with the VIE volumes. We may, or may not, offer a 'deluxe' version. There will be no color, so that color pictures in e-Cosmopolis will be rendered in black & white. There will, however, be a general table of contents, often more detailed than the contents lists in the issues themselves, as well as an index, including volunteer and subscriber names, Vance characters, other authors, and etc.

The estimate we have now is that the volumes will cost around 70 euros each—depending on design—plus shipping, and will be sold as a set only. We are working with Stefania Zacco, who produced the VIE volumes and who also gave us this estimate

We were recently contacted by the president of the VIE board, who was responding to a request, with the grant of a subsidy towards the preservation of Cosmopolis, and the history of the VIE project it represents, through publication of a printed version of the monthly VIE newsletter in three volumes--what we are informally calling Cx3. The subsidy will be used to bring the subscription price down, we hope by about 2/3s of the production cost--for about the first 50 or 75 subscribers--to about 100 Euros, or, we hope, less--depending on how production details develop.


Our researches suggest that 50 is about the number of subscribers who will be interested, at the subsidized price, but there may be more, and these, unfortunately, will have to pay full price. Our object, however, is not mass distribution, but simply preservation of Cosmopolis, and thus VIE project history, from inevitable digital death.

The books will be printed in black and white only. So photo's and other pictures will be converted from colour to B&W.